YouTube for (Military) Writing Research

Posted: September 15, 2008 in British Forces, Marquesate, Research, Writing

Have you ever been caught out, while writing a story, wondering exactly what XYZ looks like, in 3D, and moving sound?

The reason what prompted me to wax lyrical about the powers of YouTube for writing research was a book that I read recently: Walking Wounded (L. Rowan). A military themed M/M story, which I wanted very much to like, but couldn’t. Apart from the characters being not believable in their settings/jobs, there were too many factual errors regarding the British Forces. Most could have been fixed by simple Google searches, others by buying the odd book on the British Forces, and then again others where YouTube has the answers and more.

Need to know what a Paratrooper’s Passing Out Parade looks like? YouTube. Want to see what the French Foreign Legion looks like when marching on Bastille day? Youtube. Wonder what the Royal Marines’ Basic Training involves? YouTube. You’d be amazed what you can find on there, and which is undoubtedly authentic. This doesn’t just go for military research, of course, but much more.

Here is an example, because I mentioned British Paratroopers. Ever wondered what it actually looks like when they jump out of a plane? Need to describe the action? No problem, folks. YouTube! And even with my favourite Van Halen song as background music.

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