The French Foreign Legion – Légion étrangère

Posted: September 16, 2008 in French Foreign Legion, Inspiration, Marquesate, Military, Military Gay Erotic Fiction

Edited on 18.12.08 to add an amused note to viewers from a certain “private” forum on the Legion out there: I can fictionalise as many gay legionnaires as I like. Fiction, chaps, F.I.C.T.I.O.N. This is not real, this deals with Fiction. Got it? 😀

Photo © copyright its owner, without permission.

The French Foreign Legion.

Should I repeat the sound of those words? The French Foreign Legion.

What, you don’t go all a-wibble just hearing this? Does your mind not go into a mad overdrive of all the possibilities of utterly fantastic stories?

That is the problem, isn’t it? Where is the gay erotic fiction about the French Foreign Legion? Where are the Legionnaires in … interesting situations? What is wrong with the fiction market? Do I have to write it myself? Sheesh.

Let’s all repeat it together: The French Foreign Legion and now go off and write stories that titillate, fascinate, excite and explore. And no soppy girly romances, please, or if they are romances, let those men be MEN, okay? Good.

We understand each other, then. 😉

Let’s have a look at some pictorial evidence that tells you just why there should be gay fiction with Legionnaires. Granted, the Tenue de Sortie is somewhat amusing at first sight, but if you overlook the red tassels on the green epaulettes, you will see how delectable the white kepi is, and will understand what kind of bodies really are beneath those white shirts, grey trousers, blue kummerbund and leather belt. Trim, fit, runners with stamina, the lot of them. And don’t forget the shaved heads … and do I really need to mention the sheer number of possibilities with those identities? La Famille, aye, and one that oozes more testosterone than the British and US Forces lumped together. Sorry, guys, but those tassels win.

Photo © copyright its owner, without permission.

Now look at that delectable specimen in the white circle. Which nationality he once had? What name? What life? Who knows …

Photo © copyright its owner, without permission.

Doesn’t that shaved, long and graceful neck just beg to be licked? I rest my case. 🙂

Photo © copyright its owner, without permission.

Legio Patria Nostra

  1. novea says:

    Write it! Write it! You need say no more. I’ve always found the FFL to be terribly mysterious, and it seems we never hear about what goes on with them. Hmm. There must be a million stories to be told, and I can’t believe there aren’t volumes of erotic gay FFL fiction lining our bookshops. I almost think they are *so* hidden, nobody knows much about what they do or what their day to day lives are like, or where they came from or…. You get the idea. Must go look for info.

  2. Marquesate says:

    It is rather odd, isn’t it? That there’s nothing about the FLL, at least not that I know of. Also, the ANGST that could spice up the erotic, because I have researched the FLL’s stance on homosexuality in the Legion and while FLL is simply part of the French Forces and the French have the same equality policy as the British, the Legion is different. Despite the laws they actively DIScourage anyone not straight to join up. Something which would not be allowed in Britain, at all.

    I see a post coming up on British attitudes to homosexuality in the Army …

  3. novea says:

    Hey, I watched this video about them. Interesting, but also, wikipedia and this other site about a book from a former FFL soldier all had slightly conflicting into from the video. (still so secretive) I guess their training methods are designed to instill a deeper bonding and esprit de’corps than normal. ^o^ Wondered about the homosexuality issue. But if a person were desperate enough, I’m sure they would try to hide it. If they needed the job badly enough, etc. Plus, they are always being sent where no-one else will go. So the whole major angst angle would be totally borne out! Except, how would they even get the opportunity for trysts? Sounds like they are together as a group all the time, but I suppose where there’s a will there’s a way. Do they ever get leave, that sort of thing? A story like this would be a-freaking-mazing!!!

  4. Marquesate says:

    Yes, there is a lot of conflicting information out there, and one shouldn’t quite trust any of it, neither the books.

    As someone called the FLL: it is the largest social experiment. They create a homogenous whole from people of every race, culture and nationality. If that isn’t fascinating, then I don’t know what it. The whole idea of giving away your name and identity at the beginning is quite amazing. The fact they even have the same sports kit Tenue de Sport – while the Brits just wear their stuff to the gym, usually with a crested t-shirt, but not like twin eggs like the FLL does it.

    Of course, there is also the fact that this is purely male. No female anywhere. Now, while I totally not agree with that on equality grounds – I mean, gender should not matter IF the person can phsyically do the exact same job (let’s face it, mentally is really not a problem, on the contrary, and it annoys me that the UK Teeth Arms don’t allow females in combat roles, either) – it is utterly fascinating to me as a writer that there are men. Over 7000 men. Just men and more men.

    WHOA! Excuse me while my imagination just made a little happy jump.

    They do get time off/out, but nothing like the leave that British troops get, for example. Also, they just have simply NO freedom whatsoever compared to any other Western Forces.

    That, again, gets my imagination going. Ahem.

  5. novea says:

    Whatever they do, it seems to work on the whole, although I guess desertion is a continual problem. Sounds pretty rough. The video I saw had a Mongolian legionnaire, who they said was the first person from Mongolia they had ever had. He didn’t speak a word of French when he got there.

    Yeah, all males. Well, it sounds entirely pragmatic to me. They just want to create a cohesive band of brothers, and romance might be seen as too complex or possibly too problematic. Just sounds like the idea is to simplify their lives to the bare minimum, and have no split allegiance to spouses, significant others, etc. Just a focused, fighting group. Oh, but can such romantic feelings be suppressed *completely*, I ask you?? I think there is more there than meets the public eye.

    It’s almost like they have less rights than French citizens. It’s interesting from a legal standpoint. What is their citizenship? I think they are offered French citizenship when their 5 years are up, but what is their legal standing before that? They seem like indentured servants or slaves, with little or no (French) constitutional protection (for all I know).

    Ok, now we have male slaves, living in isolation, all buff, trained as deadly soldiers for any condition, fighting side by side with their bonded brothers to the death. Now, does this seem like the world’s greatest setting for gay erotic military fiction, or what? It reminds me of the Sacred Band of Thebes!

    Sorry for running on with the subject, but I find it completely fascinating, could probably blither on endlessly…. Now if only we could find someone who had actually been in the FFL! One article said there were always people from Britain and especially Germany joining up. I think a story between a Brit and a German would be good, or perhaps someone much more exotic, like an Asian.

    “Two men…so far apart, only the Legion could bring them together.” lol

  6. Marquesate says:

    “Ok, now we have male slaves, living in isolation, all buff, trained as deadly soldiers for any condition, fighting side by side with their bonded brothers to the death. Now, does this seem like the world’s greatest setting for gay erotic military fiction, or what?”

    *laughs* It does, doesn’t it? Unfortunately it’s not necessarily as mythical as one might think, even though the opportunities remain endless. But then again the opportunities ARE endless for writers, aren’t they?

    ““Two men…so far apart, only the Legion could bring them together.” lol”


    And if anyone in FLL ever found out they’d be out on the streets immediately.

  7. Alex says:

    Ey thats me in the last photo the one in the right
    i duno how you got this photo or were you got it
    it was in mayotte tho

  8. Marquesate says:

    Oh dear, Alex, I’m really sorry, I will take the photo off if you want me to, because it is obviously yours. It was sent to me.

    Just let me know and I’ll delete.

    Sorry again.


  9. Alex says:

    froget it who sent you that photo ?

  10. Marquesate says:

    A mate who found it on the net. I can ask where, if they remember, but it must have been posted somewhere in the first place, for them to find it. I haven’t got a clue where, though. Will enquire.


  11. miki says:

    Hi. I have a request. I’m living in Mongolia. I working Mongolian Military Force. I wanna stuff work French foreign legion. What I must do to go. Help me. I need an invitation for visa. How can I get it. Please send me French foreign legion e-mail. And pls tell me what I do.

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