British Forces: Defence Image Database

Posted: September 23, 2008 in British Forces, Images, Inspiration, Marquesate, Military, Research

Image © MOD, for review purposes

“Downloadable images of Defence and Armed Forces activity”.

Part of the MOD’s Defence Internet (nicely done PR campaigns, trying to recruit in an era of ever more budget cuts and potential recruits – rightly – figuring why the doodah they would want to join up to get killed in Afghanistan or another forsaken place that has nothing directly to do with the defence of Britain. Or something like that …) this is a wealth of pictorial resources.

Defence Image Database

As the MOD puts it:

This database holds thousands of images which have been contributed by the Army; Royal Navy; RAF and MoD photographers.

A brilliant resource, which has yielded some very delectable specimens. However, while this is Crown copyright, the MOD claims a copyright which demands £50 if you wish to use an image even just in an educational and non-commercial setting. So, enjoy the images and collect for your own personal use. I do realise that I do not have permission to repost them here, but I am dong this, because I believe it would be such a shame if the word was not spread wider and if they were not viewed by a wider audience.

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