Movie Review: Escape from Afghanistan

Posted: September 27, 2008 in Inspiration, Military, Movie Reviews, Reviews
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Escape from Afghanistan (2002), by Timur Bekmambetov.

Well, it’s hard to say something about this film without being spoilery.

I liked it. It was very useful for understanding the mindset while writing Special Forces.

I read that the non-Russian version has been heavily edited and badly so, but still, for anyone interested in the Soviet war in Afghanistan (the one before the current American and British war in Afghanistan … oh, ooops, the latter wasn’t the correct terminology? *sarcasm*) it is a very good film. Especially if you are interested in understanding the Soviets at that time and in that place.

It is not as good as the big-budget 9 Rota (2005), but it is definitely well worth watching. Actually, in some ways it might even be better than 9 Rota, but if I told you why I would spoil you.

Escape from Afghanistan on

Escape from Afghanistan on (BTW, read the comment by anon reviewer on 29 January 2003 on the American Amazon and laugh! Oh dear, oh dear, the film isn’t about Americans in Afghanistan? SHOCKING! There were Soviets in Afghanistan? In the 1980s? Really? *sarcasm*)

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