Royal Marines Display Team – oh the inspiration …

Posted: September 30, 2008 in British Forces, Images, Inspiration, Marquesate, Military
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In 2004 I saw the Royal Marines Display Team down in Kent in the Historic Dockyard in Chatham. The photos are thus oldies but goldies (and those who know me on LJ will recognise some of them, because I use them as icons). If only those guys knew why I kept snapping away … not because I was that impressed with their skills and virility, but because those poses were too good to miss for posterity.

All photos © Marquesate 2004

Don’t tell me the couple on the right doesn’t look like a big fat smooch!

Bottoms Up!

No comment … *snerk*

Oh, and that wee lad on the right just injured/broke his hand/wrist. Oh well, he was all ‘manly’ about it.

Last but not least, this will make you grin. The old event PR from the Dockyard boasted about the RM event:

There will also be simulator and interactive displays by the Royal Navy and Royal Marine Commandos, an afternoon concert by the Band of the Corps of Royal Engineers and a Commando helicopter assault and river rescue. This will be a hostage rescue situation whereby model and forces sweetheart Nell McAndrew will be lifted from the jetty and will pretend to be held hostage on a boat. The helicopter will then rescue her and place her back on terra firma. This is subject to weather conditions.

Yes, it was … ‘titillating’. Honest, Gov. 😉

  1. novea says:

    Nice pics! lol! I have to say, that fake hostage/rescue enactment sounds rather exciting. I would like to see something like that. The closest I ever came to anything like, is at an airshow, where they detonated all these flames/fake explosions (I guess) in some kind of pretend air attack scene. Even far away, we could feel the heat/shock waves hit us. Wow!

  2. Mountie says:


    Yep if they only knew what goes through our minds when we watch such displays. 😉

    Thanks Marquesate for sharing

  3. Marquesate says:

    I am *very* hapy that they didn’t know what was going on in my head and why I was taking the pics that I took, because I have a funny feeling there’d been a few fists flying into my direction.

    Ahem …

    Especially when I asked a recruitment sergeant at their stand about the type of helicopter that would be used for (insert plot bits) because at that time I was writing Her Majesty’s Men. *snerk*

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