Squaddie language – how (British) soldiers talk

Posted: October 2, 2008 in British Forces, Military, Research, Soldiers, Writing

Now this is a difficult post to write without swearing a lot. 😀

Why? You guessed it, there is a lot of swearing going on in the everyday language of the British soldier. How I know that? Let me just squint around myself and I know why. Yes, that’s why, I hear it every day!

Perhaps one might wonder why I found this worthy of a post, but have you ever read a piece of fiction where the author portrayed soldiers and in their speech they never ever swore? No? Oh, I have, and it was eternally grating and completely off character.

Any colourful swear word you can think of will be embedded in every work-conversation for a squaddie, and the ever versatile f*ck will be found, together with bl**dy in everyday conversation, no matter about what. Down to having to remind said squaddies that bl**dy is actually still considered to be a swear word in Britain, albeit a mild one.

So, if you ever thought about writing a military character, then have them swear! A lot. It’s the effing so and so of an effing so and an effing … you get the gist.

Over and effing out. 😉

Photo copyright © Defence Image Database, without permission.

  1. 2twentythree3 says:

    your right about the bloody. my grandmother finds it soo offensive. one day i did infact ass……… would you rather I said F$%# , i got my ass kicked lol

  2. Marquesate says:

    Hahahaha! I can just about imagine that. I tend to remind Mr Marquesate before going to fancy-to-dos “that bl**dy really is still considered rude, honest, dear”. 😀

    Of course, he usually manages to hold back on the effings for a while, and all the other ones that makes language so … colourful.

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