Movie review: Jarhead

Posted: October 3, 2008 in Military, Movie Reviews, Reviews, US Military

Now, I am afraid to say while the visuals above of Mr Gyllenhaal in Jarhead are rather pleasing, this film bored me to death! In a way this is just as well, because while I sat there, wondering when and if anything would happen, this was a well played parallel to exactly what happened in the first Gulf war: pretty much nothing for most. Well, most on the US side.

It’s hard to say why I found it so utterly boring, and why the characters just never managed to mean anything to me. Still, it is in my war film collection, and that’s where it shall remain.

I have it on authority that the best-selling book by Anthony Swofford is much, much better than the film, but … as a friend pointed out so succinctly: the book doesn’t have the visuals. Too true. 😉

Image © Universal Pictures, for review purposes

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