Movie Review: Stalingrad

Posted: October 18, 2008 in Marquesate, Movie Reviews, Reviews, Soldiers, War

Movie review this week is obviously not about anything that leaves you with any sense of satisfaction, any black/white good/evil, and neither with anything but tears and a realisation – once again – how horrid war actually is.

Stalingrad by Joseph Vilsmaier from 1993 is far too close to me for comfort, because my grandfather was there. I never met him, even though he did come back. Nuff’ said.

I wasn’t able to watch all of it all the time, it’s funny when those things are a bit too close, but then there are other war films that I can’t quite watch either. But what I did see – and knowing the ending – I can only recommend it as a brilliant film.

It captured the horror of Stalingrad rather well, I reckon, and the ending is just right. Anything else would have been wrong. I don’t really want to say more, you can find very good synopses on the internet, if you’d like to know more about the content.


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