French Foreign Legion – Names and Identities

Posted: October 22, 2008 in French Foreign Legion, Marquesate, Military, Research, Soldiers, Writing

(Photo © copyright its owner, without permission)

I could write a whole post about identity, but … that would be written by Marquesate the Real Life person and we don’t want that, now do we? Oh no. We don’t. Never the twain shall meet. 😉

Instead have a post about La Legion Etrangere and the way names are chosen for the legionnaires at the start and how long they keep those.

In my quest to get a good m/m writer to write a military gay erotica story featuring the French Foreign Legion, I decided to post bits of information in easily digestible form I have come across my internet trawlings, and some of those are gems, trust me.

Every man who is accepted into the FLL is given an assumed name at the time of signing up. This is mandatory for the first year, but after becoming a legionnaire first class, they may ask for their old name back. The way names are chosen is not arbitrary in the sense that everyone is given a francophone name, on the contrary. There is a “Big Book of Names across the World”, which consists of the real names of former recruits who have changed back to their real names. New names are chosen out of this book in accordance with the nationality of the recruit.

For example, a British recruit whose real name initial were J and C could be given the name Jack Collins.


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