Légion étrangère: Soldiers and Regiments of the French Foreign Legion

Posted: November 6, 2008 in French Foreign Legion, Military, Research, Soldiers

I thought it would be of interest to have a look at the regiments of the French Foreign Legion.

Photo of the FLL at Bastille Day © copyright Hugo Haas, without permission.

There are 10 regiments in the French Foreign Legion and about 7500 soldiers:

  • 1 RE – Stationed in Aubagne, the headquarters of the Legion
  • 1 REC – The Legion’s calvary regiment, stationed in Orange, France
  • 1 REG – The first of the two engineering regiments, stationed in Laudun, France
  • 2 REI – One of the two regiments of infantry, stationed in Nimes
  • 2 REP – The paratroopers (elite force) of 2 REP, stationed at Calvi on the island of Corsica
  • 2 REG – The second engineering regiment, stationed in St. Christol in the French Alps
  • 3 REI – The second regiment of infantry, stationed in French Guiana
  • 4 RE – Boot camp in Castelnaudary and specialism training site
  • DLEM – Detachment de la Legion Etrangere du Mayotte
  • 13 DBLE – The demi-brigade de la Legion Etrangere, stationed in Djibouti

And since I won’t be at a computer over the weekend, I shall prepare tomorrow’s post and then I shall be back on Monday.

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