Book Review: Highway to Hell by John Geddes

Posted: November 29, 2008 in Research, Reviews

geddesWell, I bought this book when I was writing Dan in Special Forces as a Merc (PMC it is, these days, but they are still just as much Mercenaries as they were before the fancy new name Private Military Contractors)

It is a very interesting book which gives great insight into the private military forces in Iraq, etc. They are vast, and the details Geddes comes up with are most useful for anyone writing or thinking of writing fiction set in this arena.

However. And there is always a ‘however’ with me, isn’t there? I wanted to smack the author (an ex-SAS chap) repeatedly over the head. He comes across as an arrogant and annoying twit, but I guess that’s to be expected.

The writing is better than with a lot of these books (just see Carew’s Jihad! as a painful example) but don’t expect literary joy with any of these products in the genre. Do expect, however, very useful insider material. I got the hardback, by the way, it was on offer a couple of years or so ago. You can now only get the paperback in the UK, unless you want the hardback second hand for a few pence. In the US they only sell the hardback. Highway to Hell

Highway to Hell on


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