Her Majesty’s Men – Reviews

Posted: December 2, 2008 in Marquesate, Military Gay Erotic Fiction, Publishing, Reviews, Writing

her-majestys-men-image1(Composite image by Marquesate, using photos and images © copyright their respective owners, without permission, including  © Defence Image Database)

Some wonderful readers have written reviews of Her Majesty’s Men. I would like to share them here, in case someone is interested to hear what readers have to say about Tom and Alex.

Cowboy Junkie (full review):

“I truly did not know what to expect of Her Majesty’s Men, but I can honestly say that about five pages into the book the phrase “a richness of words” kept playing over and over like a mantra in my head and continued to do so throughout the read. And this is what this story is. It is not merely a series of words that are sequentially strung together to tell a tale, but rather, written with a richness and texture that produces an abundant language that is Tom’s and Alex’s story.

I admit (without apology) to being quite selfish when it comes to this story. Simply put – I LOVED IT but it was hardly enough!!! Marquesate has wet my appetite and I want more, much, much more of Tom and Alex. So, I will wait patiently for the next instalment of Her Majesty’s Men.”

Mountie (full review):

“The journey is engrossing for the reader and delivered expertly by the writer. There is no hiccups that pull you away. I was able to sink into the story and stay there completely till the end. It was a wonderful experience.

For those of you that have never read Marquesates writing, the style is different from most authors I read. It truly grabs you by the throat and never lets you go. Fast paced and full of phrases that explode visual images into my mind, the use of short sentences fits the storyline and the characters.”

Haywire (full review):

“To start with, there are credible, complex characters who remain true to their ordinary ‘squaddie’ selves even as their story unfolds and one realises it is far from ordinary. It’s not a spoiler to say that there will be no ‘curtain picking’ in this one. Despite the limited vollume of the story, we also find Marquesate’s characteristically well drawn secondary characters who even if they appear only shortly come off the page as fully real.”


“The first few chapters (up to the part where they go on the mission) read like a Tennessee Williams play–very dark, suspenseful, surreal, full of tension and dark secrets. If I were to put this part on film I would do it in black and white. I said Oh Shit a lot.
I loved HMM. I look forward to what ever else you write.”

Her Majesty’s Men is available as paperback and download.


  1. Kat says:

    The second it showed up in my RSS feed that the ebook was for sale, I jumped to buy it. I’ve been waiting for this to come out for what seems like forever, and I wasn’t disappointed…except in the fact that it ended. I’m guessing by some of the comments in the reviews that there is more to this story.

    What I like about your work is that the characters do not feel like a fiction; they come off as real. I want to compare, and I know this will sound like a non sequitur, the satisfaction of finding your work with the relief I felt when I finally stumbled on a brand of Christianity that actually had some intellectual integrity. Growing up in the South I was surrounded by saccharine religion, which was enough to turn anyone’s stomach. (I’m sure you can surmise that my church would find me a backslider since I’m spending time reading homoerotic literature. Just because it has intellectual integrity doesn’t mean it is right about everything!)

    I digress. I was gonna say that I felt is as if I had finally found some writing where the characters were people I might know, not camp or stereotyped or poorly written. It was an “Ah!, that is what I’ve been looking for” kind of moment, and it felt good. Thanks for that!

  2. Marquesate says:

    Thank you so very much! That is a wonderful bit of feedback and one of the greatest compliments that any author can receive.

    I am really, really glad that you enjoyed it and yes, I am aiming to work on a sequel.


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