Meet some of Marquesate’s characters-in-progress inspiration

Posted: December 12, 2008 in Images, Inspiration, Marquesate, Military, Military Gay Erotic Fiction, Writing

Have a post early in the day, because I am about to head off on holiday and shall be back on Tuesday 🙂

Inspiration? I hear you ask. Yes, indeed, I am often fortunate enough to find inspiration and I shall have a word about Her Majesty’s Men and its inspiration later.

First of, a story about a Legionnaire and a British Infantrist:

Photo copyright © Defence Image Database, without permission.


Photo copyright © Defence Image Database, without permission.

And secondly, a story about two -very different – British Tank Officers:

Photo copyright © Defence Image Database, without permission.

(yes I know, “Dave” is a US soldier, just work with me, here ;-))

Photo © copyright its owner. Without permission.

If you have enjoyed all these wonderful photos, you might wish to consider to say “thank you” to all those British Forces photographers in a roundabout way: by making a donation to Marquesate’s favourite UK charity: the Royal British Legion. I know that I do, regularly. 🙂

  1. mllesatine says:

    Very interesting. I’m usually bad at imagining characters, so if I get around to reading your new stories the characters will probably look totally different to me.

    But now I really want to read about Captain Andrew Montgomery-Smith (that name alone tells a story *g*).

  2. Marquesate says:

    Oh, so they should, look differently to you, I mean. I usually have the character in mind and sometimes I am lucky to find a blueprint. “Dave” isn’t actually quite my Dave, but Captain Andrew Montgomery-Smith (and clearly he is Andrew, not Andy, ye gods beware!) is just perfect, and so is Rhys.

  3. mllesatine says:

    I bet not even his own mother called him Andy. 🙂

    So the Rhys and Didier story is separate from the one you will publish in the “I do” anthology? Or are they companion pieces?

  4. Marquesate says:

    Good grief, oh no, she would have never called him anything so profane as “Andy” 😀

    Rhys and Didier is indeed a completely different story to Joe and Sergent Roux’s “Code of Honour”. Rhys and Didier’s story is “Honour and Fidelity” and is quite a bit longer as well. It’ll go into a story collection of mine, together with Andrew and Dave’s “For Queen and Country”. There is yet another one lurking, which I haven’t started yet, but that’s in a category of its own. Quite a lot of kink.

  5. mllesatine says:

    Ha! And Dave gets a rise out of him by calling him “Andy”, am I right? 😛

    I’d really like to see Andrew as a teenager. At some boarding school/military academy…

  6. Marquesate says:

    “Ha! And Dave gets a rise out of him by calling him “Andy”, am I right?”

    How did you know? *snerk* I must be that transparent … :-p

    Andrew is very very boring as a teenager, trust me. he comes out of his shell later. I like him, actually, no matter how annoying he is.

  7. mllesatine says:

    I’m in your computer, stealing your stories. *evil laugh* 😀

    So we talked about Andyrew but what about Dave? May I speculate a little? *g*

    Dave, not David. And the common surname Collins. Does sound a bit Irish. Working-class, surely. (Please, please, please! I love reading about class conflicts.)
    Dave has a heart of gold. When you are his friend. Everyone else gets the cold shoulder treatment. I wonder why he choose to join the army.

    With Andrew the answer seems pretty straight-forward. Now if he is from a poor background (I’m not saying that every working-class family is) than it could be a matter of job security but this seems too easy. Maybe a desire to actually serve his country?

    I just realized that you didn’t say where and when the story is playing. I was thinking of a present day setting but I would love to read something about the Falklands war. Dave’s father/uncle could have served there. Or Andrew’s… It would fit if it’s present day, right?

    It’s also strange that the story about those two intrigued me more than Rys and Didier. It must be that they don’t have surnames yet… *g*

  8. Marquesate says:

    Dave, indeed, and he is common as muck but has worked himself through the ranks and to a commission. Good soldier. Heart of gold? No, sorry, but he’s not a bad guy, that’s true. He joined up because it was a career choice. He didn’t know what else to do. School drop-out at 16.

    Andrew is from a posh background and the reason why he joined up and went straight to Sandhurst to become and officer is simple: this is what was expected of him and this is what all the sons in his family have done. They are military family with several generations of officers, posh English gits. 😀

    The setting is present day.

    Rhys and Didier do have names. It is Rhys Davies (UK Forces Infantry soldier and combat medic) and Didier Amrouche (his real name is Dabir, Didier was give to him by the legion) Algerian legionnaire.

  9. Thea B says:

    Hi, I’m a bit late to the party, but has Honour and Fidelity come out yet? Sounds like an intriguing story ….

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