French Foreign Legion – Joining Up

Posted: December 18, 2008 in French Foreign Legion, Military, Soldiers

Photo © copyright its owner. Without permission.

The stages of joining the French Foreign Legion:

  • Age restriction: between 18 and 40 to join
  • Potential recruits must have no health problems
  • Potential recruits cannot be wanted criminals in their country
  • All potential recruits must pass the sport test
  • Rudimentary pee test for drugs
  • Dental and full chest x-rays in the major military hospital in Marseilles
  • Information gathering and dossier on each candidate who has passed the tests up to that stage, such as “Why do you want to be a legionnaire, what did your parents do, where did you live, how many brother and sisters do you have, etc.”
  • Out of each 35-40 candidates only about 20 will be selected
  • Once accepted into the Legion, credit cards have to be cut up, and every other piece of information from the civilian life, such as driver’s license, etc. have to be ripped up, and the mobile phone has to be smashed up
  • You’re given a new name

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