Book Review: For Queen and Country

Posted: December 22, 2008 in British Forces, Military, Reviews

queen-and-country-elyWell, well, well, what can I say? You might be surprised to read this, but for once I found this type of book not just useful for insider info (how else would I write a HALO jump realistically if not for eye witness accounts and first person experience?) but it was actually quite entertaining and in fact very interesting.

Of course, you must never expect any “litteratoor” in this kind of books, but it really would be asking too much if you did. As this type of books goes, this is not a bad one at all. Quite down to earth and with a huge load of fascinating details. Granted, while I also make sure I read anything a la caveat emptor and check back with those in the know, wherever I can, this book seemed to be less of the ‘ard man and ‘oorah ‘enry variety than many others.

The Amazon blurb states:

Spud Ely’s SAS career has taken him into some of the most deadly, high-octane, violent battles ever. From the Falklands to the Persian Gulf, he has been in the very centre of some of the most ferocious fighting scenes modern history has witnessed. Armed to the hilt with the most up-to-date, hi-tech military machinery and his highly-toned fighting skills, Ely is truly a force to be reckoned with. In this volume, he has collected his most memorable experiences into a dossier of warfare. He has also collected testimonials from his fellow SAS operatives to paint an accurate, controversial picture of what really happened during the blood-thirsty Falklands conflict.

For Queen and Country on

For Queen and Country on

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