As mentioned in an earlier post, I have a French Foreign Legion M/M short story “Code of Honour” in the forthcoming “I Do” charity anthology, published by MLR press.

The anthology will be available in both paperback and ebook for download, and the release date looks to be around the end of January! So, with Christmas done and over with and Hogmanay (New Year for you Sassenachs and non-(honorary)-Scots) looming, it’s time for beating the drum for this wonderful anthology. Us authors got the galley proof and I read through all of the stories and must say, it is a treasure trove! There is something for everyone, with 16 M/M stories and 4 F/F ones, in all sub-genres and with all heat levels. Here is the list of authors once more, this time with quotes from all works, to whet your appetite for this wonderful charity publications, with all proceeds going to the Lambda Legal Fund to fight Prop 8.

Anthology authors, titles and quotes:

Alex Beecroft: Desire and Disguise
“You were strolling down Sodomite’s Walk, checking out the talent, Mr. Digby. Forgive me for not realizing you were even more abysmally stupid than you look.”

Charlie Cochrane: The Roaming Heart
“Hamilton and Bowe’s names were linked to a succession of leading ladies, members of the nobility and, in one case, a foreign princess.”

Fiona Glass: Salad Days
“Tim had finished the carrots. He searched around for something else to keep his hands busy and found he’d picked up the fennel again. Holding it firmly this time he began to slice into its bulbous flesh, imagining it was Ed’s smoothly handsome face. Him, jealous?”

Jeanne Barrack: Finally Forever
“Easy, easy. Nothing is wrong, I promise you. I just wanted to let you know that, are you sitting down? Are you alone?”

P.A. Brown: The Mistake
“My mother always said I’d end up in a bad way. Who’da thought the old bitch would actually be right for once?”

Erastes: The Snow Queen
“Everything wonderful happened when it snowed.”

Tracey Pennington: Lindorm’s twin
“He shivered, thinking of the rustle of scales over flagstones, trumpets announcing the arrival of a king, and ravens waiting and watching for their legitimate prey — the dead.”

Clare London: Outed
“I don’t see that my sexuality affects your ability to open a drawer and pick out some cutlery,” I snapped.

Sharon Bidwell: Swansong
Neil’s voice whispered through the darkness, but like the soft breeze that had finally wound its way through the house, the sound of the man’s voice no longer contained the quality of a whisper spoken in a funeral home, but that of a lover’s sigh.

Lisabet Sarai: Making Memory
“Jack was all for waiting until we were married, but I brought him around to my way of thinking. Why deprive ourselves, I asked him, when we’re so sure of what we want?”

Storm Grant: Lust in Translation
“Yeah, that’s me all right,” Justin said. “Dr. Rent Boy, Ph.D.”

Marquesate: Code of Honour
“Meet me. Here. Twenty-one hundred hours. Alone.” Sergent Roux cocked one sarcastic brow. “Do you understand?”

Lee Rowan: Wedding Announcement
He’d faced gunfire, terrorists, disgrace, and a very determined murderer, but he would sooner tackle any or all of them at once than make this call.

ZA Maxfield: Tango and Temptation
“Well then I’m going to shove off. If you want to fuck me, I’m there. If not? I have to get married and I don’t have time for shit like this.”

Moondancer Drake: True Love
“I’ve seen you run a party for two hundred, short staffed, and have everything go off without even a missing crab puff.” Shona kissed Kai’s forehead. “If you can pull that off, you can do it all.”

Mallory Path: Rules of the Game
“If I’m able to get both your hands off the headboard, then I can do anything I want. Whatever I want.”

Emma Collingwood: Semi-detached
“It’s a big world out there, Thomas; no point squeezing all the colour out of mankind by pressing people into monochromatic moulds.”

Allison Wonderland: Holy Macaroni (and Cheese)
I know we were only six years old at the time, and I realize that first graders aren’t exactly famous for their fashion sense, but it was our wedding day, after all.

Jerry L. Wheeler: Templeton’s In Love
“His lips looked soft and warm, exhaling a ragged passion as familiar to me as my own. All I had to do was lean forward a few inches and throw myself off the cliff again.”

Cassidy Ryan and Zoe Nichols: Better than beautiful
Just two more months, then there would be no more hiding; no more lies.

  1. Mountie says:

    Thank for the short exerpts from each of the stories. Makes it more real. I am looking forward to publishing day. 🙂

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