I Do – an anthology in support of marriage equality

I Do anthologyCode of Honour by Marquesate – French Foreign Legion

Code of Honour is a short story (9.5k) set in the French Foreign Legion. It is part of the “I Do” charity anthology, out in January 2009. The anthology is available in ebook and print format (paperback). Ebook and Kindle formats are right now available and paperback will be available on the 21 January. Printing and distribution costs have been donated by MLR Press.

Purchase the Anthology

Order the Ebook now or the Mobipocket version, and check Paperback release page. Order the Ebook now or the Mobipocket version, and check the Paperback release page.

Don’t forget, the paperback is due out on 21 January 2009, but if you can’t wait until then, and want to get your hands onto the 20 wonderful stories by 21 authors, with 16 M/M and 4 F/F stories, of all imaginable heat levels, from sweet to sizzling, then buy the ebook now. After all, you can buy it twice and thus donate twice. There is something for everyone in this anthology!

All profits from this anthology will go to the Lambda Legal Fund, to help them fight the cause of marriage equality in the CA Supreme Court and beyond. Please go and tell your mates, friends, loved ones, colleagues, siblings, hey, even your enemies! Spread the word about this wonderful anthology and help the fight for marriage equality!

When Joe Evans joined the French Foreign Legion at twenty, he would have never imagined that becoming a man entailed more than becoming a tough soldier. The legion’s motto was “Legio Patrio Nostra”, but with Sergent Roux, Joe found more than just his home.

For a longer excerpt of legionnaires in the mud … Click here!

About the book

Do you support the right of any human being to marry the person they love? The right to say ‘I Do’ to a life of commitment and sharing with the that one special person? We do.

The following authors of LGBT fiction have donated stories to this anthology, in aid of Lambda Legal Fund’s fight for marriage equality:

Alex Beecroft: Desire and Disguise
Sexual starvation makes for strange bedfellows in this 18th Century tale of love and despair.

Charlie Cochrane: The Roaming Heart
Sometimes you shouldn’t believe everything you read in the gossip columns.

Fiona Glass: Salad Days
A fennel bulb causes havoc between two lovers in this ‘kitchen-sink’ style romp.

Jeanne Barrack: Finally Forever
A dream destroyed. A promise fulfilled. In today’s America, there are still some places where wishes come true.

P.A. Brown: The Mistake
A hungry West Hollywood hustler, a hot cop and a pair of keyless handcuffs come together in a Hollywood motel room.

Erastes: The Snow Queen
The Snow Queen is impervious to love. Josh isn’t.

Tracey Pennington: Lindorm’s Twin
To save two kingdoms, an outcast prince without a name and a lonely young man half-freed from enchantment must outwit a serpentine king and his sorceress spouse.

Clare London: Outed
Guy said afterwards it was a relief to him that someone finally said something, but did it have to be Auntie Queenie’s
apparently artless comment, right in the middle of her eightieth birthday celebration tea?

Sharon Bidwell: Swansong
Richard believes what little love he had in his life has withered and died, but now the time has come for him to sing his own song.

Lisabet Sarai: Making memory
A workaholic city girl facing her father’s senility and a middle-aged widow from down-east Maine learn that love has no boundaries and that only the present matters.

Storm Grant: Lust in Translation
Sex, drugs, and a blinding reaction.

Marquesate: Code of Honour
The legion’s motto was “Legio Patrio Nostra”, but with Sergent Roux, Joe found more than just his home.

Lee Rowan: Wedding Announcement
For Kevin, telling his father the truth was more unnerving than anything he’d ever faced on the battlefield.

ZA Maxfield: Tango and Temptation
Dance and dishonesty bring two men closer than they necessarily want to be in this contemporary story of choosing
between what is easy and what is real.

Moondancer Drake: True Love
Shona and Kai discover that even though their dream of having a child together is about to come true, not all dreams
come with a perfect ending.

Mallory Path: Rules of the Game
When words fail, Charlie must come up with a new way of finding out what his partner really wants.

Emma Collingwood: Semi-detached
Is gay marriage a matter of equality, commitment or home improvement?

Allison Wonderland: Holy Macaroni (and Cheese)
At the ripe old age of six, two girls decide to jump the broom.

Jerry L. Wheeler: Templeton’s In Love
A farewell concert frames a tale of two reunited lovers.

Cassidy Ryan and Zoe Nichols: Better than beautiful
Becca is busy planning her wedding to Charlotte, but Charlotte has been making plans of her own.

Short Excerpt of “Code of Honour”

“I want you to be in the storeroom at twenty-one hundred hours.” Roux had switched to English.

“Sergent?” Joe stared at him, uncomprehending.

“Are you British?”

“Yes, Sergent!”

“Then you do understand English?”

“Yes, Sergent!”

The cool, grey gaze remained level. “Do you know where the store is?”

“Yes, Sergent!” Joe pointed at the wall in front of him. “Here, Sergent!”

“Well done.” The mockery increased. “You can read the clock, can’t you?”

“Yes, Sergent.” Joe felt the amusement burn holes of humiliation into him. Bastard.

“Twenty-one hundred hours.”

“Yes, Sergent.” What the hell did that man want from him? Joe was part mortified, part angry, and part confused.

“Meet me. Here. Twenty-one hundred hours. Alone.” Roux cocked one sarcastic brow. “Do you understand?”

The realisation finally hit him. Yes. He understood, and the understanding of what exactly the sergent had requested of him got him like another punch in the guts. The desire was instant, and Joe could do nothing but obey. No matter how angry that made him with himself for jumping at the order as if he’d been told to climb a rope or scale a wall, and not to meet a man to get off. Pédé. Fag. Poof. Gay boy. He heard them again, those taunting voices, but he couldn’t help it; couldn’t help himself.

“Yes, Sergent!”

Yes. Please.

  1. mllesatine says:

    I would love the printed version but the price will probably kill me (shipping costs?). I will wait for the paperback to come out and then decide.

  2. Marquesate says:

    I’m not sure how much it will be, but there’s always the e-version if it is prohibitive. 🙂

  3. […] For more information on this wonderful anthology, see my post earlier this month: “I Do” – anthology in support of marriage equality […]

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