Her Majesty’s Men: review by Elisa Rolle

Posted: January 19, 2009 in Military Gay Erotic Fiction, Reviews, Writing
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her-majestys-men-image1Following on from yesterday’s joyful post about the amazing result that Her Majesty’s Men achieved, many thanks to the wonderful Elisa for her very in-depth review on her blog.

“Look at that cover: no naked chests, no passionate embraces, no kissing with glorious flags on the background… an old boot and a piece of camouflage cloth. What can you understand from that cover? that this is an hard book without romance? That you will find sex but not love? That the two main characters are all manly and without feelings? yes and no, yes and no, yes and no…”

Read more of Elisa’s very comprehensive review…

“There is only one thing that I don’t like of the book: that it’s too short (142 pages in print version)! While reading faster than I can to see what it happened next, I was also thinking, or damn, I’m at mid book, it’s almost finished! and I would liked for it to have still more to read. And I forgot to mention that obviously, the military part of the story is convincing and heroic, all male and proud and adventures filled… but well, I’m a romantic at heart and so I was led astray from the romance!

I love the fact that she mentions the cover. No nekked blokes on my covers! I want readers to be able to peruse my books in the train, if they so wish, without having to hide the cover. I can’t, however, do anything about red, hot faces. 😉

Composite image by Marquesate, using photos and images © their respective owners. Background and soldiers © Defence Image Database, MOD. Without permission.

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