“I Do” Anthology in Support of Mariage Equality – out now in Paperback

Posted: January 20, 2009 in French Foreign Legion, Publishing
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i-do Ladies and Gentlemen, the anthology has landed! One day early, here it is in paperback on Amazon and on Barnes & Noble.  The anthology does make a lovely gift, you know. In fact, they make great presents for just about any occasion. Especially weddings and Valentines.

Don’t forget that all profits, and I mean all of them, from this anthology will go to the Lambda Legal Fund, to help them fight the cause of marriage equality in the CA Supreme Court and beyond.

For more information on the  anthology, see my post earlier this month: “I Do” – anthology in support of marriage equality

Buy the book at Barnes & Noble at Amazon.com and if you are in the UK or thereabouts, at Amazon.co.uk

I am sure that all the other Amazons can get it as well. Of course, there’s the e-version which has been available for a while, see the earlier post for purchase links, but I am Old Skool and I like my books to be … books!


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