Liveblogging announcement

Posted: January 26, 2009 in Marquesate, Military Gay Erotic Fiction

I’ll be liveblogging over on author Clare London’s Livejournal on Saturday evening, the 31st. (UK time evening, I’ll be there from the afternoon on, I think).

I’ll be chatting about everything Military.

Uniforms? Check.
Boots? Check.
Weapons? (ohhh errr Missus) Check.

Brainless dumb behaviour that ends most of the time in a drunken legover and throwing up afterwards, steeped in misogynist or homophobic swearing? No way!

That part of reality doesn’t have any place in Marquesate’s writing world of perfect bodies, hard blokes and men having sex with men – the camouflaged way.

  1. Mountie says:

    I will be at work when this is happening but I will check it out when I get home tonight. Good Luck and have fun Marq!

  2. Indigene says:

    Hello Marq. Unfortunately I will be “in transit” and on my way home from a week’s long travel during your scheduled chat so will be unable to participate. Have fun though and I’ll check out the chat (post-blog) when I get home. Cheers, Indi….

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