Liveblogging with Marquesate!

Posted: January 31, 2009 in Marquesate, Military Gay Erotic Fiction, Writing

mod20I thought I’d remind everyone who might have any questions to/about me and my writing, the military men, the uniform kink (ahem, did I just admit to that?), any of my past, present and future characters, and who’d plain old like to have a natter, that I am blogging over at Clare London’s fabulous LJ. If you haven’t bought the “I Do” anthology yet (no, I don’t miss any opportunity to mention it, just so you know, and like Clare I am not ashamed. Not one bit, because ’tis for a good cause, as they say) then do it, because Clare has an absolutely delightful story in it, called “Outed”.

See you at Clare’s!

Photo © Defence Image Database. Without Permission.

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