Her Majesty’s Men – Setting and Visualisation

Posted: February 9, 2009 in British Forces, Images, Marquesate, Military, Research, Writing
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Have you ever wondered if the setting of Her Majesty’s Men was real (yes it is!) and where it is and what it looks like? Did you try to picture where Tom and Alex sat after their bust-up and the fight-sex in the sleet? Or where Alex’s house is, where Tom’s Mess room is (I moved it from the RSME to Kitchener barracks down the rooms, which is actually transit accom, but I took the creative license) or any of the other visuals?

Wonder no longer. Here is a whole set of photos that I took in the area for the purpose of visuals. After all, if one uses a real place, why not show it to the readers.

The main entrance to the Royal School of Military Engineering (no pics from the inside, of course.)rsme



The King George V pubkgv

The pub from the entrance. Tom and Alex’s favourite seat is to the right, closest to the entrance, not shown in this pic, but the next one.kgv-from-entrance


The other pub, just round the corner, where the younger / lower ranking squaddies would go, it’s a lot more raucous, and basically literally round the corner.cannon

The gym that belongs to the RSME.gym

The main road, driving up from Chatham Historic Dockyard, the small roads to the right lead to the Cannon and the KGV pubs.gym-rsme

Last but not least the road leading to the MOD housing estate, where I placed Alex’s house. This is the estate for soldiers of “other ranks” i.e. non-commissioned with families. This road is the one from the KGV on the corner with the cannon to the right, and if you went to the left you’d get to the RSME. It is all very close together.


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