Royal Engineers Museum and Library

Posted: February 23, 2009 in British Forces, Military, Research, Soldiers
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n13523002353_783710_1776I have been a member of the The Friends of the Royal Engineers Museum (FoREM) for many years – and for reasons that probably not many people would become a friend of a Museum to support it.

First and foremost, it is a brilliant museum, it really is. I have been to many UK military museums, and the quality of the displays at RE Museum in Chatham/Gillingham (on the grounds of the RSME) is only matched by the Tank museum in Bovington. Granted, so I got to get into a Challenger II main battle tank in Bovington and have a play, which might mean I am rather positively inclined towards that place (the Challie was obviously not in the museum, it was a work horse, so to speak) and actually, that shows how good the RE museum really is. It has very good displays, fascinating heavy machinery (sexy stuff!) and very friendly, knowledgeable and helpful staff. I have never been in there without getting the extra tour treatment.

So, if you are anywhere near Kent, do visit the museum and think of Tom and Alex, because this is the building where Tom gives Alex …

Royal Engineers Museum Website

Royal Engineers Museum on Facebook (with some great photos of the museum building)

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