Review of Her Majesty’s Men by Val from Obsidian Bookshelf

Posted: March 7, 2009 in Marquesate, Military Gay Erotic Fiction, Reviews

hmm-book-cover_sHer Majesty’s Men at Obsidian Bookshelf

Val wrote a wonderful review on her website Obsidian Bookshelf. Writing good reviews is an art form all in itself and Val certainly has it sussed, her reviews are truly entertaining pieces to read. Go check out the website for a host of reviews.

I was absolutely delighted to see her review of Her Majesty’s Men, and thrilled to bits.

Here is a short excerpt from the review:

Her Majesty’s Men has so many good points that it deserves a wide readership among us fans of m/m fiction. First, you get what feels like an insider view of the British military. I love military stories. We fans of m/m fiction can get starved for something different from what we usually get: the quiet emotional landscapes of civilian domesticity.

Second, you get uncompromisingly realistic emotional interaction between these two men: they’re not just going to fall into bed together in the first scene. They need to earn their relationship with one another. The story never takes a shortcut around the believable obstacles to their relationship inherent in their background and career.

Third, you get some tremendously hot sex scenes.

The excerpt is copyright © Val Kovalin at 2009

Read the whole review at Val’s website!

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