Book Recommendation: Combat Techniques – the SAS & Elite Forces Guide

Posted: March 18, 2009 in Book Reviews, British Forces, Military, Research, Soldiers, US Military
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24947008This is an excellent and very up-to-date book with over 150 illustrations. The book is by Chris McNab and Martin J. Dougherty and it is from 2007.

I found this book in a bargain shop of all places in a small village in the Scottish Highlands and of course had to buy it, because it seemed essential for my writing research. It is, indeed. Some of the chapters include Infantry Firepower, Infantry Tactics, Tactical Terrain, Special Forces, and Counter-Insurgency Warfare. I am particularly impressed by the diagrams and illustrations in addition to the photos.

To quote from the UK Naval & Military Press website:

There are chapters on weapons, tactics, heavy support, – such as air, armour, and artillery – as well as on special situations facing a battlefield commander – including commanding an air strike; handling and firing weapons in conditions of extreme heat or cold; rescuing hostages; amphibious assaults and evading capture. To bring the manual bang up to today’s wars, there are also chapters on counter-terrorism and anti-insurgency – with pictures of a Taliban ambush in Afghanistan to match. Illustrated with more than 150 action photographs and artwork, with examples of real ambushes and battles this is a book for real soldiers and armchair enthusiasts alike.
Quote copyright © Naval & Military Press

Of course, what they forgot to mention is how useful this book is for researchers and researching writers!

Buy COMBAT TECHNIQUES: THE SAS & ELITE FORCES GUIDE: Modern Infantry Tactics, Weapons and Systems from


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