US soldiers a-dancin’

Posted: March 22, 2009 in Humour, Soldiers, US Military
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This is a truly funny video, you got to watch it till the end. Some of those moves … I was sniggering throughout.

I couldn’t help but imagine Matt from Special Forces as one of them, you will know which hip-swingin’ one I  mean. 😀

  1. E.R. says:

    That’s funny. I liked this one with “Electric Avenue”:

  2. Marquesate says:

    Hehehe, that was funny indeed, and a fine choice of music. Just wish they hadn’t used the images of prisoners. Ach well.

  3. E.R. says:

    Yes, you’re right. They should edit that part out. ; )

  4. Nick says:

    He is enjoying that far too much!
    Why are US soldiers always so BUFF?

    • Marquesate says:

      Aye, it’s because they have a very different focus on appearance and phys compared to British squaddies let alone the French Foreign Legion. The latter is all lean and fast and wiry from running like the duracell bunny for them upper body strength isn’t that important.

      A lot of the Brits are also shortarses (I have met oodles of squaddies who came to my armpits, haha) and while I’ve known quite a few who made up for height with enormous muscle bulk, there are also many who are far more of the wiry terrier type. especially SAS, I was told by Mr M that most are not at all the beefy type. It’s stamina the Europeans go for instead of strength and the US soldiers seem to go for the latter.

      Makes for nice mixed “couples” in my fiction, though, aye? 😉

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