Movie Review: Le Clan

Posted: April 1, 2009 in Inspiration, Movie Reviews

le-clanLe Clan (2004) by Gaël Morel.

What is it with French films?

They are visually utterly stunning, intriguing (it does help the intrigue to watch a film in French while one’s French is so rusty it might only be enough to buy a croissant and a cafe au lait) incredibly artistic and deadly … boring.

Well, no, that would be unfair, some of the most wonderful films that I know (I only need to mention Amelie!) are French and incredibly entertaining, but this time, the visually stunning, majestic camera work on unbelievably beautiful bodies tends to be … boring. But don’t get me wrong, you should buy this film, just as much as you should buy Beau Travail (how could you not buy a film about legionnaires with gratuitous shots of perfect bodies? Huh? Huh?). My best friend supplies me with artistic French films that have the most gorgeous men in them, you’d want to glue yourself to the screen and forget about the fact you actually don’t give a doodah about what happens in the film (did I mention boring because it’s too artistic?) because you are completely mesmerised by the lips, the eyes, the hands, the bodies, the .. oh yes, the voices. French will always remain THE sexiest language in the universe to me. Closely followed by Irish Gaelic, but that’s a story from my past we shall remain silent about.

However, the reason why I recommend the film on this blog is because not only is it very homoerotic (I won’t give too much away but you won’t be disappointed) one of the main characters (played by Nicolas Cazalé) is also PERFECT visuals as a legionnaire, and a half-Algerian at that. he is perfect, just perfect, for Didier in my French Foreign Legion WIP Honour and Fidelity. I show you this and rest my case:


The official blurb for this film is:

Sexy French superstars Nicolas Cazalé (Le grand voyage) and Stéphane Rideau (Presque rien) star in this epic portrait of simmering masculinity and its impact on a struggling family living in the shadow of the Alps.

The brutal boredom and violent episodes that punctuate their lives threatens to tear apart the sibling bond that has united the. Together they face up to their domineering father and learn to deal with the secrets of their individual lives.

My blurb is: YES!

Here you have an extra bit of eye candy: Stéphane Rideau


And here we have Nicolas Cazalé once more:


Tell me this guy is not beautiful.

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  1. sequelguerrier says:

    Spot on review! Looks 10! Story … what story? I guess the director is trying to have us experience the boredom of these suburban lives. But I was too distracted by the guys’ looks to try and think many deep thoughts…

  2. Marquesate says:

    I just love how those films get away with being pretentious as all heck! And who cares about deep thoughts when you get a shot of those three naked guys all together snuggled up in a bed and the camera makes sure it goes VERY SLOWLY over all the really important bits. :-p

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