Jessewave’s Review of Her Majesty’s Men

Posted: April 2, 2009 in British Forces, Military Gay Erotic Fiction, Reviews, Writing
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hmm-book-cover_sHer Majesty’s Men was reviewed by Jessewave and received 4.75 stars out of 5!

I must say I absolutely loved the review, because being told to have a “no holds barred, aggressive writing style”, how much better can it get? I am delighted, and pleased as punch.

I have been a subscriber to Jessewave’s blog for a while and can highly recommend it, it is more-than regularly updated and you will find a lot more than reviews there, but I won’t say more, you should go and find out for yourselves. But now, let’s hear some of what Wave has to say about Her Majesty’s Men.

Excerpt Copyright © Jessewave 2009

Her Majesty’s Men is totally opposite to a lot of of the usual fare of romances on the market today that have everyday challenges (not that there’s anything wrong with that), and this book was a welcome change of pace for me. If you don’t have a strong stomach parts of this story may be disturbing, but this is a unique relationship between two men that has loyalty and friendship at its core, topped with a healthy dose of unbelievable sexual energy, lust and attraction, heightened emotions and addictive behaviour. This book demonstrates why a relationship between two men in M/M romances is so fascinating to women because it’s difficult to find a similar bond or connection between a man and a woman in het romances in terms of the unique elements that make men friends and lovers.

Her Majesty’s Men is hard edged, tough to read at times, brutal and extremely violent, well paced with nail biting excitement, as well as passionate and all encompassing in terms of the love shared by these two men. If you like realistic military romances HMM is a must read because you can’t do much better than this book.

Full review at Jessewave’s blog.

Many thanks to Jessewave for the brilliant review. Maybe I shouldn’t, but I grin like a very happy fool when I read “hard edged, tough to read at times, brutal and extremely violent” about my work. Yes!


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