Afghan National Army Soldiers

Posted: April 6, 2009 in Images, Soldiers

Blimey. I was going through the Australian Ministry of Defence Image database website, and not only is it an amazing site, written and presented in a VERY different style to the British one (far more approachable, interesting, showing the good and the bad, and just plain enjoyable to read through, and let’s face it, Aussie men are generally a lot sexier than Brits. Sorry fellows). And what do I find amongst the many many photos of OP SLIPPER? (the Aussie Afghanistan operations) Photos of Afghan National Soldiers. Some of those men are stunning. Truly stunning.

Of course, now, in retrospect, I am wondering about Dan in Special Forces and what he might have thought and if he thought … but I’ll never know. It’s done and over and he’s long out of the mountains.



and again in close-up


All photos Copyright © 2009 Australian Government: Department of Defence. Without permission.

  1. […] April 23, 2009 by Marquesate If I had known how extraordinary the Australian equivalent of the Ministry of Defence image site is, I would have thrown myself into it earlier. I raved about how great the site is in my post that showed some Afghan National Army soldiers. […]

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