Para Mortar Platoon Team: Firing

Posted: April 9, 2009 in British Forces, Images, Military, Soldiers, War
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This is not only an absolutely excellent series of images, for obvious reasons, because it is fascinating to follow the sequence, but because we are privy to a rather delectable tight butt, and bent over. Yes, I know, I am making light of a serious job, but hello …? I’ve never met a squaddie who didn’t take the piss as if he got paid for it. So there. You lot bend over, I use it to write gay porn. Live with it. In return I donate to charities for your well-being with my royalties, aye? Fair cop.

A Paratrooper mortar platoon team fires 81mm shells at Taliban positions in support of a patrol from X Company, 2nd Battalion the Parachute Regiment at FOB Zeebrugge near Kajaki, Afghanistan. It was of vital importance that security was maintained around the area of the power station, so that engineers could continue to provide electricity to the local population of Southern Afghanistan. The operation to provide a second hydro-electric turbine to Kajaki Dam and thus bring power to over 2 million people, was the biggest reconstruction project to take place in Afghanistan up to that time.






Photos and text © Defence Image Database. Without Permission.


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