Publication Announcement: Friendly Fire short story

Posted: April 15, 2009 in Military Gay Erotic Fiction, Publishing, Writing
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Due out in October 2009

friendly-fire-bookFriendly Fire is a 6K short story, set in the current war in Afghanistan. British Sergeant Major Phil Mason, and American Gunnery Sergeant Jon Rivera partake in friendly fire, only to encounter enemy fire, which forces them to work together to survive, out there in the Afghan mountains.

In true Marquesate style, those two soldiers are alpha men, fuelled by aggression that finds an outlet in more than fighting.

Friendly Fire is part of the Special Forces anthology, published by Cleis Press in October 2009:

Wherever a man slides into his BDU’s and shoulders an M16, there’s another man looking to take both off him—and people who want to read about it. Forget old stories of drill sergeant and grunt, or old army buddies on the base, these tales mine the tension of conflict. Philip MacKenzie, Jr. (editor) raises the stakes to explore the rough dynamics of opposing forces. Here, you find the moment when the sweaty, grimy uniforms come off, and men lost in the extremes of the human condition find a moment of relief and freedom with one another, even if they will be enemies one hour later. Special Forces is riveting reading, setting stories in the heat of battle, where fear, urgency, and uncertainty lead to unexpected intimacy and release and where anger and terror fuel desire and attraction. The writing in Special Forces does not flinch away from reality, but allows it to heighten the eroticism.

Special Forces: Gay Military Erotica Anthology


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