French Foreign Legion: Sexy Legionnaires

Posted: April 17, 2009 in French Foreign Legion, Images, Inspiration, Military, Soldiers, Uniforms
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Charlie Dave on Flickr has an absolutely excellent set of photos of soldiers. I am particularly enamoured with his series of Legionnaires (no surprise there, if you’ve read my Code of Honour …) and assorted other French men in uniform. Those will come later, and oh lala, I can tell you, there is something exceedingly hot about French men. I might just have to write another story with Frenchies.

I am showing off details (to fit this blog) of some of his photos here, which he posts in his Major Mike section, which I highly recommend. Please go and visit Charlie/Major Mike, he is an excellent photographer.

All photos copyright © Charlie Dave 2008. Without permission.






All photos copyright © Charlie Dave 2008. Without permission.

  1. Kat says:

    Notice the lovely shape of the man in picture number 4? I just want to run my hands over his buzz cut. I’ve noticed that since pediatricians started telling mothers to put babies to sleep on their backs to prevent SIDS, more people’s heads are kind of flat on the back. Or, maybe that is just that I have been noticing a lot more people with flat heads in town lately. (God, That sounds really stupid!)

  2. Mountie says:

    I was drawn to #4 right away too Kat. Not that I nticed the flat head I was admiring the profile.

  3. Marquesate says:

    Yup, he is amazing, isn’t he? Interesting what you say about the head shape, Kat, that has never occurred to me.

    I promise I have an even greater stunner at the ready. He isn’t a legionnaire, but French instead.

  4. loyal lurker says:

    Since you are all busy with #4, I take #3 then. Or even better let him take me, if I could have it my way 🙂

    btw, thx for all the great stories Marquesate

  5. Marquesate says:

    Hello Loyal Lurker! Lovely to see you comment. 🙂

    Good choice, No3, he looks like a sexy bastward. Teehee. Possibly Slavic, don’t you think? I love guessing the nationalities of legionnaires, I’m probably wrong most of the time. He looks like one who’d be of the taking variety.

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