British Forces: Hercules Aircraft

Posted: April 22, 2009 in British Forces, Images, Military, Soldiers
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The finest aircraft ever, or  perhaps I am just biased.

Anyone who reads my work will have come across the Hercules, or Herc, for short, my favourite aircraft of the British Forces. Well, my favourite plane, the Chinook is probably my favourite aircraft, but that’s a helicopter, we’ll get to the amazing Chinook another time. I guess I am so fond of those two, because I’ve always preferred the heavy horses over the fancy ones.

I described in Special Forces how Dan is flown in a Herc to the Gulf, and the noise, the seating, and the plain bare bones of the inside of that huge plane. Ever wondered what it really looks like? Thanks to the Defence Image Database, sponsored by us, the taxpayers’ money (say thanks, MoD, and you’re welcome to my hard earned dosh for these excellent images in return) here is a rare view of the inside of the plane – rare, because there is no other cargo than human one and has a double-row of seating in the middle.


This image is from October 2008 and the caption reads:

Troops from 16 Air Assault Brigade sit in the rear of a C130 Hercules transport aircraft at the end of their 7 month operational tour in Afghanistan and start the first leg of their journey home. The Hercules C130 will fly out of Camp Bastion under the cover of darkness and deliver the transiting troops to Kandahar Air force base ready for the next part of their journey back to the UK.

Notice the less than luxurious interior, no complementary drinks and peanuts there. Be thankful for the ear defenders, though, and the ear plugs.


This picture was taken before the one above, and shows the loading of  its human cargo in Helmand.


And here she is in flight. “A Royal Air Force Hercules C130J transport aircraft takes off from Camp Bastion in Afghanistan enroute to Kandahar airfield.”

All images copyright © 2008 Defence Image Database. Without Permission.

  1. Pinkdormouse says:

    Ooh, those are giving me all kinds of ideas for my SF story in terms of how to get a large number of people from A to B under minimal comfort conditions.


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