International Eye Candy: Australian Soldiers in Afghanistan

Posted: April 23, 2009 in Images, Military, Soldiers
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If I had known how extraordinary the Australian equivalent of the Ministry of Defence image site is, I would have thrown myself into it earlier. I raved about how great the site is in my post that showed some Afghan National Army soldiers.

All images are from the Australian’s Department of Defence site about OP SLIPPER, the Aussie operation in Afghanistan.

First, “Naan” Sergeant. I got rather inspired by this image, there shall be a story about an Aussie and a Brit in the remote Forward Base Kajaki at some stage …

Trooper. Those lines around the eyes are magnificent.

Aussies and Brits running. Fun to try figure out who’s which nationality, aye? (I bet it’s the Brits who are still wearing their tops …). Is it me or isn’t the tall and lanky one, who’s looking to the side, with the runner’s body and the graceful long neck our “Naan” Sergeant?

An Aussie and a Brit. Easily distinguished by their camo pattern.

All photos Copyright © 2009 Australian Government: Department of Defence. Without permission.

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