Military Humour: International Candid Camera

Posted: May 8, 2009 in Humour
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First up a joke that I found on Whichendbites‘ blog:

A French and British General are talking at a ‘do’

The French General says:
“My men are so perfectly trained, when asked to present arms, all you hear is ‘Stomp, Stomp, Slap, Slap’ all in perfect unison.”

“Well” says the British General, ” When my men present arms, all you hear is ‘Stomp, Stomp, Slap, Slap, Jingle, Jingle.”

“Jingle, Jingle?” says the French General.

“Well” says the British General. “They can’t help it you see, it’s the medals”

😀 😀 😀

I had to blink twice.

I really wouldn’t want to be that chap. Ouch!

Last but not least the absolute corker. This is the most perfect moment anyone could have clicked the shutter. So … no comment, just enjoy the quiet hilarity of it. Edited to clarify, thanks to commenter mllsatine: the image has simply been mirrored, so the logo reads OMOH in reality.


Copyright © their respective copyright owners. Whoever they are.

  1. mllesatine says:

    Ha! I know the last one. Not photoshopped, just mirror-inverted. So, it’s actually OMOH –> OMON. It’s some kind of police force, I think.

  2. Marquesate says:

    Of course! Now I remember, that’s what they said in the thread, too. Thanks for reminding me and clarifying this. I will edit the post.

  3. mllesatine says:

    There was another one like that but ten times as funny. One OMOH captain was photographed but some journalists and filmed by a camera team. There was a big mirror in the background and he knew what the mirrored OMOH would look like. He was locking so shocked! I’m afraid, I didn’t save that photo.

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