Survivor’s Tale: Afghanistan

Posted: May 9, 2009 in Military, Soldiers, War
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This is a fascinating 24 minute documentary by Journeyman Pictures, and it is available on YouTube:

June 2008
Internationally acclaimed Photographer Stephen Dupont narrowly escaped a suicide blast in Afghanistan. After 20 years of recording the plight of others, he was now turning the lens on himself.

Just after the explosion, Dupont pulled out his camera and began capturing the chaos. He filmed himself, blood running down his face, as he searched for his lost colleague, not knowing if he was dead or alive. With such media-targeted attacks increasing, what will happen if journalists stop covering conflict-zones? “We wont be able to bring back the message or tell both sides of the story…there’ll be no story to cover”.

This guy had, as one commenter wrote “an angel on his shoulder” but since I am an atheist, I’d say he had one very lucky escape. Be warned there are some very strong scenes and images of death, carnage, destruction, wounded, and dying.

What is very typical of a survivor’s reaction in an extreme moment like this is he keeps repeating “I don’t know what I’m doing, I just feel I am running on autopilot.”

Thank you, Stephen Dupont, for being so brave to take photos of wars and conflict-zones. Thank you every single journalist who has done so. Many have died for doing what is so important for all of us: for recording what is really happening. For archiving, and for illuminating and giving us information.

Thank you, all you journalists, correspondents, camera people, photographers. What would we do without you courageous men and women.


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