US Marine war artist Michael Fay

Posted: May 12, 2009 in Images, Military, Soldiers, US Military
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I stumbled upon SSgt Michael Fay’s art of all places on a Russian blog (nope, I couldn’t read a single word except for “Michael Fay”) via

Michael is, according to the BBC website, who did a “in pictures” article on him two years ago, “an official US Marine war artist, one of only three in the service. His mission – “Go do art” – has taken him to Iraq and Afghanistan.”

I really like his watercolours, a striking use of shapes.




All artwork copyright © Michael Fay. Without Permission.

  1. sequelguerrier says:

    Hey! these are actually rather good. I’ll have to go look for the him.

  2. Marquesate says:

    I chose some of the best ones, while I like his drawings, many of his paintings are just a touch too “heroic” and heartstring-tugging. Love his use of colours, though, and shapes.

  3. Toby says:

    Hey does Michael Fay have a website of some sort? Or somewhere I can view his work on the internet. I’ve been looking for it but have had no luck 😦

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