Writing: Why are Uniforms Sexy? (guest post)

Posted: May 20, 2009 in Military, Soldiers, Uniforms, Writing
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Sequelguerrier, one of the lovely folks in the Camo Men Forum (which is always open with a warm welcome to new members) has written a blog post in response to last Wednesday’s entry: Writing Wednesday: Clothes Make the Man! I kept Sequel’s picture choices, too.

Enjoy his musings!

sequel-blog1Why are men in uniform attractive? Good question! Part of the answer is probably that uniforms, at least military ones were to some extent designed to show off the alpha male: strength, authority, courage … the power and the glory. The Übermale attracts us.

But then that can not be the case for camo, the most utilitarian of military uniforms and, on the right chap, the sexiest. So why is something that is a close relative of the un-sexily named coverall or overall so hot? Come to that why are men in overalls hot? Well, at least the right men are. Could it be, because camo, like an overall has a tendency of hugging the bu. – ahem – the body in all the right places? Could it be that, while covering it all, they hint at revealing more, thanks to their handy zips?


I know that Marq is hooked on military uniforms but I get set off by others’ uniforms as well including by what isn’t really uniform but ‘work clothes’.

sequel-blog3Somewhere, I think there is a link between the utilitarian and the raw sexiness, a link between the clothes function, protecting what is underneath, and what is underneath. Of course what is underneath has to be built right.

In principle I agree that where camo is concerned, it’s only the real camoman that does it. Most guys posing as soldiers, particularly those in porn shoots, only put camo on to get out of it and never seem to fit into it really. While real squaddies also seem to do a remarkable amount of getting out of it , they fit the camo to the tan line like Sgt Naan and the running Ozzies and Poms in Afghanistan we saw not so long ago. There is one exception though where the real camoman can have competition and that is when we are talking actors rather than models. But then of course it’s Hoot’s job to be believable isn’t it?


Getting back to the real squaddies in camo, I have another hunch of what might also be part of the attraction. Somehow the adjective ‘raw’ managed to sneak into the text above. I think the promise of rawness, of violence is part of camoman’s attraction because the camo is both violence and its control. The soldier’s job is violence but violence controlled for a purpose. So the uniform symbolises the promise of violence and danger and its control but even more so the submission of the violent man to discipline and to orders. Somewhere in there is, I think, another part of what makes the military uniform attractive in a rather freaky sort of way. Violence and sex are linked.

Kinky it may be but all of it spells:
MilitaryDick B.t.w. The above pic could also have made into the military humour section because of its original caption, which is frankly surprisingly literary:
‘Dont ask don’t spell!’

P.S. From Marq: he above picture was already earmarked for the military humour section. 😉

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  1. Mountie says:

    Oh nice one Sequelguerrier. Thanks for the thoughts. I agree it is the controlled violence of a soldier that makes men who wear camo and military uniforms sexy.

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