Royal Marines King’s Squad

Posted: June 9, 2009 in British Forces, Images, Military, Research, Writing

During my extensive research for my upcoming novel Basic Training I read a lot about the Passing Out parade of new Royal Marines, after their 32 week long Basic Training. The first part of the novel plays in Lympstone, during Basic Training, and here is a link to the MoD Royal Marines website on the History of the Commando Training Centre.

I also found some very useful videos on YouTube, as I mention in an earlier post, using YouTube for writing research is an excellent way to gain insights beyond images and words.

This is an excerpt from Basic Training, about Pass Out week and King’s Squad (Excerpt copyright © Marquesate 2009):

As expected, this earned Col some questioning looks, and he went on to explain the passing out tradition of the Royal Marines, which originated with a visit by King George V in 1918 to the Royal Marines in Deal in Kent, where he inspected the recruit squads. To mark his visit, the King decreed that each passing-out platoon should be called The King’s Squadron, a tradition that continued to the present day, and which meant that successful recruits would spend the last week in special accommodation in the King’s Squad wing.

The following photos are all from the MoD website. Copyright © MoD. Without permission.









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