My Special Forces “Mercenaries” Soundtrack

Posted: June 17, 2009 in Inspiration, Military Gay Erotic Fiction, Music, Writing
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Drum Salute: Well, that’s obvious, it’s all for Dan, our Scotsman. I couldn’t find the Royal Scots Dragoons, but have a brilliant Drum salute from Shotts:

Bakara: Dan as Mad Dog, with a hip shimmy. 😉 Can’t find it on YouTube, though.

Kalasnjikov (Goran Bregovic): This one’s totally crazy, and I love it. Bregovic is a Bosnian composer of Serbian and Croatian descent, and my dear friend told me about his music. This is the perfect music for some of the lighter parts in the Balkans, for Dan and Vadim.

Sands of Kuwait: I already blogged about this one. It’s a beautiful and haunting piece of music, and so apt for the Gulf.

All Along the Watchtower (Jimi Hendrix): Do I need to say anything? Dan’s crazy idea to play the tape at full volume to disorient the troops in the beleaguered town, while attacking the tanks with molotovs. I “wrote” this whole action scene in my head while listening to the song over and over and over again in my car.

Barra Barra: Rachid Taha (Hans Zimmer, Black Hawk Down) This is so Dan in Mercenaries. This is the absolutely perfect Mad Dog piece of music. I always so him saunter along in his flip-flops and a towel round his hips, shades over his eyes and fag hanging from the corner of his mouth, coming out of teh showers in the camp in the Gulf.

and here is Rachid Taha singing Barra Barra live (I love the sound of the language!). The live version is fantastic, much better even than the studio one, which I already love to bits.

An Algerian poster gives us the translation. Barra Barra means “outside outside” and the lyrics are:

It’s Algerian Arabic Slang accent , wich means people from the middle east or the other arabic countries can not understand us at all.

Barra barra (outside) = bb
Sadness, hate and the reign of arbitrary
Destruction, jealousy ; there is no trust left
Thirst and people are unlucky
No honour, but oppression and slavery
Rivers were dried up and seas have ruined everything
Stars are switched off and the sun went down.

I am so glad I finally know what it means.

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