Defence Image Database (website)

Posted: June 19, 2009 in British Forces, Images, Military, Research

Yes, I know it is already Friday. Sorry, folks, but I did so much Phys last night that I was simply too tired to post. 🙂

Image © MOD, for review purposes

I mentioned the Defence Image Database before, but I figure it is worth doing it again. It is a veritable treasure trove by the Ministry of Defence for UK Armed Forces photos. Once upon a time one could download them without any watermarking, but alas, this is not the case anymore. However, what is a little watermark in an otherwise excellent image? There is some stunning photography on there, the quality is ever improving. I am quite impressed. The Armed Forces have internal photography competitions, which might be part of why they seem to move from “snaps” to real photography.

If you wonder about anything at all, machinery, weaponry, vehicles, just search for it in the database and you will find it. Of course, if you search for military eye candy, that, you will find, too.  😉

UK Armed Forces: Defence Image Database


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