Military Eye Candy: Nude British Soldiers

Posted: June 29, 2009 in British Forces, Humour, Images, Soldiers
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Well, well, well. I promised (threatened?) last week when I showed off the nekked US Rangers, didn’t I? So, without further ado, here they are – the British equivalent, but this time a load of butts. They really could also go into Friday Military Humour, couldn’t they? And I repeat it again: what on earth is it with soldiers getting their kit off at every possible turn? (not that I complain, mind you, but I have quite a few of nekked candid shots on my HD)

Go on, tell me, which one is your favourite “bun”? I have a clear favourite and I shall tell you which one it is next week.


The thing is, Mr M sent me an even more amusing photo this week of nekked Squaddies – but I’m not sure if I should show off the Full Monty “manginas” with gas masks and nothing else. Ho-hum. 😉

  1. Jenre says:

    Bottom row, far right is my favourite. It’s got a nice roundness to it.

    Have you noticed that there’s not one hairy bottom out of the whole lot – are you sure these are British men? 🙂

    but I’m not sure if I should show off the Full Monty “manginas” with gas masks and nothing else.

    Oh, I think you could! 😉

  2. E.R. says:

    Darn, that’s the one I wanted too. Ah well. Two votes for the bloke at far right, whatever his name is.

  3. Marquesate says:

    Aha! That’s interesting, two votes for the wee bubble butt. I don’t say yet which one’s my fav. 😉

    Hmmm Jen, interesting observation regarding hairiness, maybe it’s a requirement for the regiment to wax one’s buttocks? hahahahaha!

  4. mllesatine says:

    I’m guessing the one on the far right. 😀

  5. Marquesate says:

    Nope. hehehehe. I can tell you that much, my fav isn’t the one on the far right.

  6. […] 13, 2009 by Marquesate Remember my posts on the British Tankie bums (incidentally, my fav was the third from the left) and the US Ranger fronts? Now I am going a step […]

  7. Gorion says:

    What about the one on far left? Very nice butt and nice legs as well.

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