Armed Forces Day – the other side

Posted: June 30, 2009 in British Forces, Military

Armed Forces Day Image

It hasn’t all been positive regarding Armed Forces day. I wrote two blog posts about the first ever Armed Forces day, here and here, the last one was on the actual day itself, on Saturday. Now, I never looked at it in a purely positive light either, but I was somewhat astonished to find a very negative view of it on the Military World Net blog (to which I subscribe via Twitter, which is quite an interesting feed).

I always fail to connect with articles and opinion pieces that are rather extreme and fail to take into consideration other view points and factors. However, I agree and disagree simultaneously. Read for yourselves, because we all need to form our own opinions:

Article: Armed Forces Day mocks our military

Instead of accountability over those killed in Iraq and Afghanistan, the government offers us a day of sugary sentiment

Interesting article, but as so often, this one’s too polemic, too. Just like “the other side”. I wish people wrote well thought out, unbiased articles, that took all sides and considerations into account. Yes, I know. I can dream. At least one can come to one’s own conclusions when considering all viewpoints and opinions, no matter how extreme on the scale(s).

Photo Copyright Military World Net. Without Permission.

  1. sequelguerrier says:

    Interesting and very right! In the vein of getting it right and showing that that may mean pleasing none, I saw an episode or two of the Beeb’s Judge Deed not long ago which dealt with Justice in the context of war in Iraq. Apart from the fact that the Judge is as prone as ever to fall victim to female seduction, I thought the episodes were really rather good at showing just how biased views can get even in the spheres of supposedly impartial Justicia!
    It’s story line one, War Crimes, I’m talking about:

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