Military Eye Candy: Nude Sleeping (Soldier) Beauty

Posted: October 5, 2009 in Images, Military, Soldiers, US Military

To stay with the theme of sleeping soldiers, here is another one, presumably American. I wish the photo had not been cropped where it was. 😉


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  1. Kristin says:


  2. Sharon says:

    That is one yummy soldier! I also wish it wasn’t cropped.

  3. Janey Chapel says:

    Hi! Here via Jenre’s Well Read blog, having wandered off the main page and delved into some of her older entries.
    I just had to pop in and tell you how much I love the pictures of the sleeping soldiers! I have immense admiration for the men (and women, but I appreciate them in somewhat, um, different ways) who serve in the armed forces. Maybe it seems strange to then write about them engaging in practices that would get them court martialed (at least in the US), but I hope to portray their lionhearts in addition to whatever else they’re getting up to.
    Janey Chapel

  4. bradsaundersauthor says:

    So hot, love that little hint of bush at the bottom!

  5. Carlos Marmo says:

    UM ANJO!!!!!!

  6. Alessandro says:

    His name is David Leith, he’s a model for US Male Corps–a little searching might help everyone solve that “cropping” problem! ;o

  7. julied71 says:

    I’ll lick those ab’s for ya 🙂

  8. David says:

    I’m a straight man, but if I was offered this…I think…wow!

  9. David says: for uncropped version, ladies 😉

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