“Code of Honour”



Indigene described the story much better than I can, and thus I would like to use her words (full review):

Joe Evans is 20 years old and the youngest member of the 2e Régiment Étranger d’Infanterie (2nd Foreign Infantry Regiment) of the French Foreign Legion. Joe survived eleven months of grueling training but as he puts it “he’d prevailed.” As an unemployed school dropout in his native England he did not have much of a chance for anything in life – no hope, no future. But he was now part of something bigger. “He’d become someone. He was a soldier.” Joe joins his regiment in Nimes where he meets his Sergeant – Henri Roux. Sgt. Roux is French Canadian and all military – a man of few words but of action. Joe has managed to hide the fact that he’s gay very well until the moment he meets his new Sgt. At first sight Joe falls hard cursing his fate – his Sgt Roux is “perfection.” While on jungle training with his regiment Joe rescues his Sgt. Roux from a fall and gives in to temptation. Much to his astonishment his Sgt. takes decisive action in response. And so they begin their clandestine trysts from military base to Paris and back, where Sgt. Roux mentors Joe in many things, continuously challenging and teaching him and Joe experiences, learns and grows and along the way begins to proudly accept who and what he is – soldier and man.

Synopsis © Indigene/Cboy Junkie 2009

Code of Honour is part of the “I Do” charity anthology, out in January 2009. The anthology is available in ebook and print format (paperback). Printing and distribution costs have been donated by MLR Press.

All profits from this anthology will go to the Lambda Legal Fund, to help them fight the cause of marriage equality in the CA Supreme Court and beyond.

Available At:

All Romance Ebooks (ebook)

mobipocket (ebook)

fictionwise (ebook)

Barnes & Noble (paperback)

Amazon.com (Kindle)

Amazon.com (paperback)

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