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One year after the publication of Vita Mortis, we posted its sequel, Canteen Gossip. A third part of the Nil Desperandum series will be sortly underway.

While T.A. and I are in the process of writing a new novel (working title “The World to Come”) we are having fun still with James Bond and Q.


canteen gossip cover



And now for something a little different…

I don’t usually write derivative works AKA fanfiction, but very rarely something grabs me and tickles my fancy. The last time I wrote anything inspired by a film was Hoot/Sanderson (Black Hawk Down) and we all know what happened: that triggered the creation of Hooch in the epic Special Forces and eventually Hooch’s and Matt’s very own novel, Deliverance (and don’t worry, the vignettes for the latter will be available shortly).

So now, inspired by the latest James Bond film Skyfall, my co-author TA Brown and I wrote a nice, substantial 59K twenty-chapter story called Vita Mortis. It has all the ingredients my novels and short stories are known for (e.g. action), just set in the 007 universe. Obviously, it was only written for fun, not for profit at all, and we own no rights to the James Bond Franchise whatsoever.

vita mortis cover

Vita Mortis

MI6’s most notorious agent and their new quartermaster are an unstoppable force and counter-force, bound to collide. Despite promising beginnings, Bond and Q seem destined to crash and burn.

Their long path towards acceptance is dangerous and paved with destruction – until death begets new life.


P.S. All of my derivative work is only published on AO3, not on my website.