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Following on from the formatting frenzy of Deliverance, I realised that HMM & BHMM were not yet available for Kindle, and thus I tackled the formatting of these Oldies but Goldies. So, here they are now:

Her Majesty’s Men (Kindle edition)

Beyond Her Majesty’s Men (Kindle edition)


Fly the flags and sound the trumpets, I received the first revenue from Lulu, and in the first month, 47 copies of Beyond Her Majesty’s Men were sold, which makes it – with £0.40 revenue for each wee book – £18.80 for MSF. 🙂

The money has gone straight to the fundraising page: and thus to Médecins Sans Frontières.

Beyond Her Majesty’s Men takes place after HMM. It explores a little further the story of these two soldiers in the British Forces, and gives insight into how their friendship develops.

This small collection is a special charity publication for Médecins Sans Frontières (MSF). It is not available in print, because the (very generous!) charity auction winner exclusively received the print version.

All profit – £0.40 – goes to MSF, and I do not earn a penny from this publication. This, dear readers, is one of the greatest sources of happiness to me, that I might be doing something good in this world, with my wee bit of imagination. So please spread the word and see how much Tom & Alex can raise for this excellent charity.

I will periodically post how much Beyond HMM has made in donations (every penny counts, and many times 40 pence makes quite a few pound) and will directly send the money every month or so to my main charity fund-raising page:

Purchase as download Beyond Her Majesty’s Men:

With a little delay (I didn’t like the look of the first cover) the small print publication of Tom and Alex’s lives after Her Majesty’s Men has been safely on its way to the Charity Auction winner since Friday. This means that – since the generous winner agreed – once the auction win has arrived and has been read, I will make Beyond Her Majesty’s Men available to buy as PDF, and every single penny will continue to go to MSF, the charity of my choice. A print version will never be available, because this was exclusively for the auction winner, but an e-version will.

Watch this space! Soon the time for a bit of Tom & Alex will be here.

The lovely reader who won the charity auction for Her Majesty’s Men signed copy and the two unpublished episodes after HMM, is so generous to let me sell a PDF copy of the episodes for charity.

So, once the auction has been settled and the parcel has arrived, I’ll make those two episodes available for purchase via Lulu – strictly all money goes to MSF as well and thus to charity.

Hoorah for the generous bidders and the winner and a resounding hip ip hooray for a whopping £88 (yes, that is eighty-eight pounds sterling!) for Medicins sans Frontiers for Haiti relief!

I was asked if the two episodes offered in the Haiti charity auction, which show a glimpse into the lives of Tom & Alex after the end of the book, would only be made available once – for the winner of the charity auction – or if they became available.

Actually, the idea was of course that the episodes are uniquely available to the winner of the auction. However, I intend to ask the winner if they were happy with other readers being able to purchase the two episodes in PDF version (not as a print one ever, this will be absolutely unique to the auction) with every little bit of the money (the price would be very reasonable) going to MSF and for Haiti relief as well. So watch this space. 🙂

hmm-book-cover_sThere are a couple new reviews of Her Majesty’s Men from June.  🙂

Review © Cassidy Ryan at Cassidy Ryan’s blog (full review) (June 2009)

“I bought this book a while ago, but what with writing and RL, I didn’t get the chance to read it right away. I started it the other day — only to have to put it down again to go to the pesky day job, then last night, unable to sleep, I picked it up again and didn’t stop reading until it was finished — at 5am this morning!

Wow! That pretty much sums it up! It’s a fantastic read; the characters are so real, their relationship sometimes brutal and visceral, but always beautiful. It grips you right from the start and just refuses to let go — one of those “just one more chapter, then I’ll sleep” books.”

Review © Kassa11 at 3 AM (full review) (June 2009)

“This is a unique and different book about two men who are soldiers to their very core, friends and comrades second, and eventually lovers third. While these would seem to cause problems not only inherently within the military but the order of priorities between the men, surprisingly for the span of the book, it works. Whether it would always work between these two is questionable given their very different personalities and needs, but for the entirely of this story, their romance within the brutal atmosphere seems solid and realistic. While this book was not without its flaws, I felt as though the author knew the problems with the characters and decided to leave them as they were, letting the readers decide if they accepted the flaws or not. I could be wrong, but that was the impression I got.

hmm-book-cover_sJen posted an absolutely wonderful review of Her Majesty’s Men on her review blog Well Read.

Jen reviewed Her Majesty’s Men because she had read Code of Honour in the I Do anthology, and I am extremely thrilled that she liked Tom and Alex’s story just as much as Joe and Roux’s.

This is a brilliant quote from her review, which made me grin:

Many of you who read this blog will know that I like my heroes to be ‘real men’; to be masculine and to be comfortable in their alpha status. Well, to get an idea of how manly the characters are in this book, you need to think of the most manly man that you know or have read about and then inject him with three buckets of testosterone. That will give you an idea of the sort of men that Tom and Alex are in this book. Marvellous.

Fantastic, isn’t it? The rest of her review is well worth a read, and so is her entire blog. Jen’s reviews are always witty and interesting to read.

Thanks, Jen, for the vote of Excellent. I close with another quote:

Apart from that, this book was a rough ride from start to finish. I loved it because violence, pain and brutality are issues that don’t bother me and I welcomed a read that was so different from the normal m/m fayre. If you don’t like those things in your romance, then I suggest you stay away from Her Majesty’s Men. If you like books filled to the brim with testosterone, packed with action with men who are a mix of arrogant and confident on the outside, yet a seething mass of insecurity and self-hatred on the inside, then this book is for you. For those people, I highly recommend you read this and it gets a grade of ‘Excellent’ from me.

Quotes copyright Jen from her blog Well Read. Read the full review.

Her Majesty’s Men is available as e-book and paperback from the following places. It can be ordered directly from the printer, where it is available both in print and as an e-version.

Her Majesty’s Men is available in paperback from all known book stores, such as Amazon, but please consider to either buy directly from the publisher or the printer, or from independent bookstores or chains other than Amazon. Here is a collection for you, in addition to buying directly from the printer:

hmm-book-cover_sHer Majesty’s Men was reviewed by Jessewave and received 4.75 stars out of 5!

I must say I absolutely loved the review, because being told to have a “no holds barred, aggressive writing style”, how much better can it get? I am delighted, and pleased as punch.

I have been a subscriber to Jessewave’s blog for a while and can highly recommend it, it is more-than regularly updated and you will find a lot more than reviews there, but I won’t say more, you should go and find out for yourselves. But now, let’s hear some of what Wave has to say about Her Majesty’s Men.

Excerpt Copyright © Jessewave 2009

Her Majesty’s Men is totally opposite to a lot of of the usual fare of romances on the market today that have everyday challenges (not that there’s anything wrong with that), and this book was a welcome change of pace for me. If you don’t have a strong stomach parts of this story may be disturbing, but this is a unique relationship between two men that has loyalty and friendship at its core, topped with a healthy dose of unbelievable sexual energy, lust and attraction, heightened emotions and addictive behaviour. This book demonstrates why a relationship between two men in M/M romances is so fascinating to women because it’s difficult to find a similar bond or connection between a man and a woman in het romances in terms of the unique elements that make men friends and lovers.

Her Majesty’s Men is hard edged, tough to read at times, brutal and extremely violent, well paced with nail biting excitement, as well as passionate and all encompassing in terms of the love shared by these two men. If you like realistic military romances HMM is a must read because you can’t do much better than this book.

Full review at Jessewave’s blog.

Many thanks to Jessewave for the brilliant review. Maybe I shouldn’t, but I grin like a very happy fool when I read “hard edged, tough to read at times, brutal and extremely violent” about my work. Yes!

n13523002353_783710_1776I have been a member of the The Friends of the Royal Engineers Museum (FoREM) for many years – and for reasons that probably not many people would become a friend of a Museum to support it.

First and foremost, it is a brilliant museum, it really is. I have been to many UK military museums, and the quality of the displays at RE Museum in Chatham/Gillingham (on the grounds of the RSME) is only matched by the Tank museum in Bovington. Granted, so I got to get into a Challenger II main battle tank in Bovington and have a play, which might mean I am rather positively inclined towards that place (the Challie was obviously not in the museum, it was a work horse, so to speak) and actually, that shows how good the RE museum really is. It has very good displays, fascinating heavy machinery (sexy stuff!) and very friendly, knowledgeable and helpful staff. I have never been in there without getting the extra tour treatment.

So, if you are anywhere near Kent, do visit the museum and think of Tom and Alex, because this is the building where Tom gives Alex …

Royal Engineers Museum Website

Royal Engineers Museum on Facebook (with some great photos of the museum building)

Have you ever wondered if the setting of Her Majesty’s Men was real (yes it is!) and where it is and what it looks like? Did you try to picture where Tom and Alex sat after their bust-up and the fight-sex in the sleet? Or where Alex’s house is, where Tom’s Mess room is (I moved it from the RSME to Kitchener barracks down the rooms, which is actually transit accom, but I took the creative license) or any of the other visuals?

Wonder no longer. Here is a whole set of photos that I took in the area for the purpose of visuals. After all, if one uses a real place, why not show it to the readers.

The main entrance to the Royal School of Military Engineering (no pics from the inside, of course.)rsme



The King George V pubkgv

The pub from the entrance. Tom and Alex’s favourite seat is to the right, closest to the entrance, not shown in this pic, but the next one.kgv-from-entrance


The other pub, just round the corner, where the younger / lower ranking squaddies would go, it’s a lot more raucous, and basically literally round the corner.cannon

The gym that belongs to the RSME.gym

The main road, driving up from Chatham Historic Dockyard, the small roads to the right lead to the Cannon and the KGV pubs.gym-rsme

Last but not least the road leading to the MOD housing estate, where I placed Alex’s house. This is the estate for soldiers of “other ranks” i.e. non-commissioned with families. This road is the one from the KGV on the corner with the cannon to the right, and if you went to the left you’d get to the RSME. It is all very close together.

hmm-book-cover_sHer Majesty’s Men is finally available on Amazon!

For those of you who waited for HMM to become available on Amazon, here it is now. Granted, the author earns just about nothing when buying a  book through Amazon and not directly from the publisher, but I can understand why it is necessary for some, depending on where you live. Thus, without further ado, here are some of the links.

Her Majesty’s Men

Her Majesty’s Men

Her Majesty’s Men

Her Majesty’s Men

her-majestys-men-image1Following on from yesterday’s joyful post about the amazing result that Her Majesty’s Men achieved, many thanks to the wonderful Elisa for her very in-depth review on her blog.

“Look at that cover: no naked chests, no passionate embraces, no kissing with glorious flags on the background… an old boot and a piece of camouflage cloth. What can you understand from that cover? that this is an hard book without romance? That you will find sex but not love? That the two main characters are all manly and without feelings? yes and no, yes and no, yes and no…”

Read more of Elisa’s very comprehensive review…

“There is only one thing that I don’t like of the book: that it’s too short (142 pages in print version)! While reading faster than I can to see what it happened next, I was also thinking, or damn, I’m at mid book, it’s almost finished! and I would liked for it to have still more to read. And I forgot to mention that obviously, the military part of the story is convincing and heroic, all male and proud and adventures filled… but well, I’m a romantic at heart and so I was led astray from the romance!

I love the fact that she mentions the cover. No nekked blokes on my covers! I want readers to be able to peruse my books in the train, if they so wish, without having to hide the cover. I can’t, however, do anything about red, hot faces. 😉

Composite image by Marquesate, using photos and images © their respective owners. Background and soldiers © Defence Image Database, MOD. Without permission.

hmm-book-cover_sUpdate! Indigene alerted me that I got the counting wrong – I hadn’t realised that several books were on the same place, and Her Majesty’s Men is actually number 10 out of 123! Whoot! that is A.M.A.Z.I.N.G.!

I must say, I am incredibly pleased with the result. An unbelievable 10th place out of 123 (scroll down to “Standings for category: novelerot”), now that is very impressive for a Lulu published book via my own Camouflage Press, and which had only been out for a month and wasn’t even on Amazon yet.

Thank you, everyone, who voted for Tom and Alex of Her Majesty’s Men. I am tickled camouflage-khaki and am incredibly content with that result, which is an understatement, really. I am THRILLED!

To say it with Stephen Fry as General Melchett: a big phoooey! to anyone who poo-poos Lulu & going down the route of one’s own. 😀

hmm-book-cover_sI am pleased as punch and absolutely surprised, because I have been nominated with Her Majesty’s Men for the Preditors and Editors poll! (thank you Indie!)

Her Majesty’s Men is under the Erotica Novels category.

I never expected to be nominated, but now that I am, perhaps readers of Tom and Alex (and/or plain kind blog readers? 😉 might wish to be so kind and vote for them/me?

Erotica Novels published in 2008, voting page:

Thank you!