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As promised, February isn’t over yet and Deliverance is published. 🙂

Deliverance (paperback)
Paperback: 278 pages, 100,000 words
ISBN 978-0-9559880-1-1
Deliverance (ebook)
eBook: ISBN 978-0-9559880-2-8

Nothing in life is ever simple, especially if you are a Delta Force instructor and an ex-Marine trying to make a new life together – not when you live under the constraints of ‘Don’t ask, Don’t tell,’ the shadow of nightmares, and a darkness that will destroy you unless kept in check.

Deliverance is the story of Hooch, a US Delta Force soldier and Matt, his former-Jarhead lover. It is a spin-off from Special Forces and spans the years 1998 to 2011. Both Hooch and Matt were created by Marquesate as secondary characters in the epic Special Forces (© 2006-2009), but they took on a life of their own.

Deliverance is available in paperback and as ebook from Camouflage Press. As a special treat from TA and Marq, Deliverance can be read online on Marquesate’s website.

Deliverance © Marquesate and TA Brown 2011. All rights reserved.

Publisher: Camouflage Press
Publication Date: February 2012


For Queen and Country is an 18k short story about two very different Officers in the Cavalry regiment.

The story has been published as part of the In Uniform anthology. It is currently available in ebook format on Rainbow eBooks and will be widely available in print and Kindle format on Amazon by the end of Octber 2010.

Dave and Andrew loathe the sight of each other, because one Tankie officer worked his way up through the ranks, while the other came straight from Sandhurst. The result of this animosity is explosive, full of rows, fights, snipes and eventually endless banter.

These two men are thrown together in an unfortunate incident in the middle of the jungle, which leaves them stranded and captured in an environment they know nothing about. They have to learn to work together to survive, and throughout their journey they might just begin to respect each other.

Short Excerpt from “For Queen and Country” © Marquesate 2009

“It seems your ‘friendly’ manner does not impress the locals.” Andrew commented drily.

“It might have occurred to you that I tried to get something for you, you idiot. Even though I have no idea why.”

“A strange and surprising sense of duty, perhaps?”

“Fuck you.” Dave growled.


Dave was suddenly presented with an unexpected smirk from Andrew, so uncharacteristic and out of context, it threw him off track.

“Are you out of your mind?”

“Hardly, but I do admit to enjoying a moment of light relief by seeing you out of your shallow depth, in this otherwise most pernicious situation.”

It took Dave a few moments to process what Andrew had just said. How he hated the bastard’s ability to wrap his insults in a package of posh words. “You’re an arsehole.”

“You are repeating yourself.”

“It’s worth repeating a thousand times.” Dave growled.

You just have to love the name of the site, don’t you? 😀

Got a feedback mail today, telling me that

Am reading your Special Forces fiction. I was expecting something closer to pornography, but this is storytelling at its best.

Now, that made my day!

Queers on the Verge: Cool Blogs of the week

This is a very interesting question, and one that clearly has no definitive answer, only answers that are right for every individual author. I guess you can imagine which answer is right for me, certainly after my post on the integrity of the author’s voice.

There’s been a discussion on a forum I’ve been on for years, about this very thing, if one should write for a market, regardless if one feels like it, to maximise publishing (and money earning potential), or if one should write what one strongly feels like. I suspect the answer isn’t straightforward, but tied into an individual author’s context. I, for example, don’t “need” to make money from writing, I don’t live off it nor try to, I have a demanding job. Clearly, that puts me in a position where money I make from writing is regarded as luxury, not necessity, and every penny makes me happy because it’s just wonderful to sell stories. That luxury also comes with the luxury of not having to write for a market – at the same time I can’t write for a market anyway, because it’s just not the way my creativity functions.

I am fascinated by authors who can write for markets, and turn out stories that might not have been in their heart. I could never do that, since I regard writing as an art, not a craft, and art always comes from deep within. Motivation, emotion and creativity are strongly interconnected.

So, do I want to make a judgement of what is “better”? I am inclined to do so, because if I am anything then a person of strong opinions, but I wouldn’t think that it is fair, not regarding the context that every individual exists in. Do I make a judgement for myself? Yes, I feel confident to do so.

I, personally, would never write for a market, and I only write what I want to, what I feel strongly about, what I am emotionally involved in, and what is in my heart, so to speak. Let’s face it, when I started writing military gay erotic fiction, it wasn’t really a genre. No one specialised in it, and anything military was only used as a backdrop like a stage prop. Let’s not get started with the factual errors in some stories, either. I still wrote it, though, because that’s where my interest lies and where my expertise is now. As Marquesate, I certainly won’t write anything else, because that’s what Marquesate does.

I firmly believe that if one writes what one strongly feels about, then there will be readers. Because a story comes to life when the author truly feels for the characters, the plot, the setting and believes in their own story. If the same goes for something written for a market? I wouldn’t want to answer that, because that is a question that each reader would have to answer for themselves.

I would still write what I write even if no one wanted to read it. 🙂

Photo copyright its copyright owner. Without permission.


Marquesate’s Camouflage Men Forum – the readers’ community

My new forum houses news, discussion, chat, character interviews, questions and interaction based around my writing work, and the Military (eye-candy, facts and fiction, and beyond) in general, especially the British Forces and the French Foreign Legion, always with a slant on military gay erotic fiction!

Well, of course, this is what Marquesate is all about: brutally realistic contemporary military gay erotic fiction. Love stories that are steeped in lust, no-holds barred, often sweaty, hard and aggressive. They are gritty, tough and gripping, often full of pain and hatred, but also full of courage, loyalty and determination.

The forum is hosted on my own site and it is adults only. You must be 18 to join.

Come and join me and connect with other readers to chat socialise and to chat about everything and anything related to Marquesate’s writing.


hmm-book-coverAt last! As of today, Her Majesty’s Men is out in print!

Published by Marqesate’s own Camouflage Press, Her Majesty’s Men is directly available from the POD printer both in paperback and as e-version. It will be available on Amazon soon.

Her Majesty’s Men is the story of two soldiers in the British Forces and of a friendship taking unexpected turns. In the eyes of the Army they are just two mates who are close. But from the revelation of personal secrets, ensuing hatred and aggression, through terror and danger, to loyalty, triumphant strength and courage, grows their own realisation of what they are: comrades first and foremost, but something else too, something more significant.

The two Royal Engineers, Sgt Tom Warren and SSgt Alex Turner, learn to understand the real meaning of loyalty and strength. Their fight for survival cuts through all the discipline and rules, to tie them together in a unique bond of companionship and trust.

The first chapter ‘Mission I: Digging Trenches’ is available as an excerpt on the website.

If you are so inclined, I’d be very happy about feedback and delighted if you felt like writing a review.